News -Special Events

It's summer and there are a lot of club events planned:

  • Pear Tree Point Beach Ride and Picnic 8/3
  • Block Island Ride 8/9
  • Tanglewood ride 8/10
  • Greenwich Boogie 9/1
  • Cape trip 9/4-7

There are also a number of non-club events scheduled, including Bike4Bikes on 9/28 which is for a charity that the club supports, both with bike maintenance and financially.   Go to Special Events to check them out.

2014 Club Merchandise

New club kit is now on sale from the store.  Jerseys, shirts, bibs, arm-warmers, gloves and socks.

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Membership Renewal for 2014

Membership renewal for calendar year 2014 is open.  The process is different from previous years to enable use of individual ID's and passwords to the club's site.  

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