The clubs official mailing address is:

Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club
P.O. Box 1144
Darien, Connecticut 06820

The club's general email mailbox is:

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Below you will find a number of people you can contact by phone or email with any questions or concerns you might have. Look at the list carefully and find the person that might best answer your questions or address your concerns. 


President Charles Doran 203-561-6588
Vice President Brian Shea 203-803-3426
Secretary Jaynab Rose to come
Treasurer/Financial Director Larry Ogren 203-368-9446

Directors and Committees
Rides Director Alan Sheiner 203-326-0277
     A Rides Brian Shea 203-803-3426
     B Rides Shin Miyoshi 203-913-0031
     B- Rides Drew Berescik 203-572-2401
     C+ Rides Lucia Chapman 914-393-9216
     C Rides Janet Murray 203-240-4007
     D Rides John Beauchamp 203-219-4456
     E Rides Alex Moncure 917-940-8692
     Mountain/Off Road Tom Ebersold 203-874-7839
     Touring Nancy Rosett 203-247-0334
     Incentives Bill Keating 203-218-8447
     Bike Shop Liason Anne Crane 203-313-4190
Communications Director Yvonne Beecher 203-625-0330
     Graphic Designer Matt Bolgar
     Community Relations Nancy Rosett 203-247-0334
Membership Director Jodi Olinsky to come
     Marketing / Publicity tbd
Bloomin' Metric Director Geoff Preu 203-216-1802
Program Director Barbara Benedict 203-944-0871
     Picnics Co-Chair Mike Scotti