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Membership Card 
In order to participate in the Bike Shop Program, you must have proof that you are a member of Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club and present it to participating bike shops. Click on the download button to get a copy. Print it out and trim it so you can carry it in your wallet when visiting the shops. Remember to print your name and sign the card. The most up-to-date card will be available for download every January.

Parental Sign-In Waiver
If you have an under-age rider that you would like to participate in a club ride you will need to complete a parent/guardian waiver. It is up to the ride leader's discretion to allow unaccompanied under age riders to join a ride. Download form.

Photo Release Form
If you are so inclined to photograph a fellow rider and there is a possibility you may want it posted on our Website in conjunction with an article, you must get permission from the people you photograph. You can get a release form by clicking here.

Reimbursement Form
If you have purchased something out of your own pocket for the club and have been authorized to do so, use this form to be reimbursed.

Accident Report Form
Ride Leaders are required to submit an accident report in the case of an injury. Download the form here and it should be filled out after the injury has occurred and then submitted to the Treasurer.