Membership Card 
In order to participate in the Bike Shop Program, you must have proof that you are a member of Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club and present it to participating bike shops. Print it out and trim it so you can carry it in your wallet when visiting the shops. Remember to print your name and sign the card. You can find the 2016 card in the membership portal, once you have signed-in as a member.

Sound Cyclists has insurance protection through the League of American Bicyclists insurance program. Members participating in club rides and registered participants in Special Events (such as the Bloomin Metric®) have:

• Accident Medical Coverage: $10,000 per person per accident excess of a $500 per claim deductible and excess of any other valid and collectable insurance
• Accidental Death & Dismemberment: $5,000 per person per accident.

In addition the club maintains General Liability and Directors and Officers coverage. Ride leaders (who must be paid-up members) are included under the General Liability coverage.

If you would like to file a medical claim for an accident, please contact the Treasurer.

Membership Forms
The membership forms page contains several forms to enable you to enable under-age riders to participate in club rides, obtain subject releases to enable use of images for the club, and obtain reimbursement for authorized expenses.

Ride Leader Incentives
The club provides a variety of incentives to ride leaders to encourage members to lead rides. Details.

SCBC Ride Leader Guide
The club has developed a Ride Leader's Guide to help members plan to become ride leaders. It is also a great refresher if you have not lead a ride for some time.  Download the guide. Jump to Top

Travel Boxes
The club has available to its members sturdy shipping boxes for those traveling with their bikes. (Details). These boxes will be available on a first come, first served basis. In the event of a booking conflict, the box will go to the member having a record of volunteering for the club. The free use of the shipping boxes will require a $100 security deposit for a maximum period of two-weeks. To request usage of a box, contact Charles Doran with the dates of your travel and box pick-up and return dates.

Garmin 800 Guide
Jack Mail, one of the club's long serving ride leaders has developed a guide for using a Garmin 800. Contact Jack if you have a specific question.