Charitable Giving Guidelines

After the conclusion of the Bloomin’ Metric each year, the Treasurer shall recommend a maximum dollar amount the Board may award as charitable donations for the upcoming calendar year for its approval at either its July or August meeting.

Organizations requesting donations from the Club must submit applications by August 31. During May, the Board will notify the membership of the Charitable Giving Guidelines and the August 31st deadline. Any tax-exempt organization which is eligible to receive donations and promotes the aims of the Club “to promote the general interest of cycling, to promote a cycling-related social forum, and to encourage safe bicycling” is eligible for funding. Each applicant should submit a one page proposal including:

  • Name and address of the organization
  • Name, telephone number and email address of contact person
  • Description of the organization’s mission
  • Description of the project for which funds are being requested, including the amount of the request
  • Annual budget of the organization

The Board shall consider the requests submitted, verify the eligibility of each organization to receive tax-deductible donations, and make any additional inquiries it deems relevant, including requesting additional information from the organization. The Board shall vote on the organizations to receive funds and the amount for each organization at either its September or October meeting. Neither the total contributions recommended nor the total of the contributions approved by the Board must equal the full amount budgeted for that calendar year. The Board shall notify each applicant organization of the amount it has been awarded (even if none).