Pace refers to the average speed of the ride. Speeds on the uphill sections will be slower and the downhill sections will be faster. You should also factor in the terrain of the ride along with its average speed. The average speed excludes stops for lunch or regrouping.

If you are new to group riding and do not know your pace level, when coming to your Club first group ride, it is better to start with a ride that is one level lower than what you think your pace would be. It is easier to enjoy your first group ride a level slower than to struggle through a ride that is too hard.

The faster the average speed, the higher the level of group-riding skills required to ensure that rides remain safe. Some rides may be more appropriate than others for you to learn the skills needed to enjoy riding safely. Ride leaders will be happy to give you details regarding what is expected of you on rides. Please call the ride leader if it is your first ride at that level or if it is your first club ride.

See Road Riding Rules on riding in groups and other information. Please also check the Safety.

New members please check out the Become a Member and review the "Notes and "Items To Bring On A Ride.

For those who are members interested in becoming a Ride Leader you should familiarize yourself with the information below and the Rules of the Road. You must be a member to lead a ride. Members can click the link here, log in and download a copy of our Ride Leaders Guide.  Need to add link, and insert the file (will provide on March 23, 2017, Ride Leader Training material)